Guillermo del Toro confirms Silent Hills not happening

It’s been in the air since the announcement that Kojima left Konami, but Guillermo del Toro confirmed during a panel at last night’s San Francisco International Film Festival that Silent Hills is indeed not happening. This was later confirmed by his assistant. Sad times.

The closest you’ll get to play it is through the P.T. “demo”, but be quick about it because it will be removed from the PlayStation Store on Wednesday.

  1. Adam Martin says:

    Katrina Haldane knew this would happen. ?

  2. Aww Adam Martin and u were so looking forward to it too ? xx

  3. Fucking great. The only game i was looking forward to in a long time. Kojima leaving was the worst mistake that Konami ever made.

  4. Just fking great one of the great silent hill tha ever made n now gone to shit wtf kojima r u seriously letting ur greatest fan hit the curb without helping the fan get up on there feet:/

  5. Jacob Leyva says:

    But didn’t Konami says that his departure doesn’t mean the project is outright cancelled?

    • Both Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus have come out saying how much of a bummer this is. But I guess that’s as official as it gets at the moment. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though.

  6. Shane Hemby says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo! This is not cool at all! I was bleeding for this one to hit!!! That is heart breaking!

  7. Konami confirmed today that the game is indeed cancelled. There will be more Silent Hill, but whatever it is, this is not it.

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