Demons Age announced for PS4 – includes backstabbing

The backstory and plot of Demons Age might not be the most enthralling thing I’ve read, but the turn-based RPG seems to have a few neat things packed in. As you battle your way through Moragon vanquishing evil on your way, you can recruit people for your party to help out. These people come with their own back-stories and secrets, and apparently some of them might even betray you. This sounds like a cool, though nerve-wrecking mechanic in a game which otherwise sounds like every other isometric dungeon crawler out there.

We are all fans of dark fantasy and role-playing games, so many voices and ideas have gone into making Demons Age a game that fans of this genre will really enjoy. We didn’t limit ourselves to building just a classical turn-based RPG game, but wanted to create a game with the features and gameplay that we look for in a console or PC title, too.Paulo J. Games, Bigmoon Entertainment

Color me interested. Check out some screens below, but remember to jump over to the game page for the whole bunch. Demons Age is developed by Bigmoon Entertainment and will be out early next year.


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