Chivalry: Medieval Warfare launches on PS4 next month

Oh my, I really hated Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on the PlayStation 3. It was a laggy, horribly looking broken mess at the time and our video where I hit a button only to have it registering a second or two later is one of our most popular ones. Why? Because apparently it’s really good on PC and its fans there are quite vocal. Hopefully the release on PlayStation 4 on December 2nd will be a closer match to what it currently is on PC.

You can choose between the regular edition or the ultimate which contains the Barbarian character pack, Marauding Arbiter pack, Inquisitive Dreadnaught bundle and Barbarian weapon pack. 25 maps, 24-person multiplayer and a new horde mode might fix things, but a tiny part of me is holding out for For Honor instead. I guess we’ll see next month.

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