Late Shift is an FMV game with 7 endings and 180 ways to screw up

Wales Interactive have taken a shine to FMV games, previously with The Bunker and now with Late Shift. As something with a soft spot for Under a Killing Moon and Phantasmagoria, this suits me just fine.

Late Shift is a crime drama filmed in London which pulls Matt into a quite unfortunate situation he obviously didn’t want to be a part of. On behalf of Matt you’ll be making somewhere around 180 decisions on the fly as the game doesn’t provide the luxury of looped footage or pauses, and all this will conclude in one of seven endings. Sound stressful and fun.

with a $1.5 million budget and written by the author of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie, Late Shift will be something I’ll keep a keen eye on when the time comes.

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