25 years later and teens still can’t protect themselves against vampires

Remember Night Trap? Of course you don’t!

Night Trap was a full motion video game released on the Sega CD, 3DO and for DOS back in 1992 when FMV was the hoot. Simply told, you are a member of a task force hired to protect the inhabitants in the Martin home while they are having a slumber party like none other. As the party evolves, vampires creep into the house and it’s your job, by triggering traps at the right time, to prevent them from having an evening snack.

FMV games have had a little bit of resurgence lately with games like The Bunker and Late Shift. The production values of these are of course miles ahead, so it’ll be, well, interesting to see if Night Trap can resurface as anything but a weird dud.

The re-release is due this spring.

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