Gritty cars or really, really fast cars, it’s all in your Plus update for April

If you’re currently living in Norway, which I am, you’re now enjoying watching snow melt and make room for spring, green grass and annoying insects, all this while playing your favorite games. If you’re not living in Norway, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re at least playing your favorite games. The point? None at all, except that the April lineup for PlayStation Plus is now announced, and the winners are:

· Mad Max (PS4)
· TrackMania Turbo (PS4)
· In Space we Brawl (PS3)
· Toy Home (PS3)
· 99 Vidas (Vita)
· Q*Bert Rebooted (Vita, cross Buy with PS3 and PS4)

I got 99 Vidas but a game ain’t one, amirite? Anywho, you’ll get to drive spiky cards in the wastelands, or slick superfast cars across a gazillion tracks – all of this next month.

  1. Daniel Ellis Daniel Ellis says:

    Rahim Jads great game and it’s free!!!

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