Babylon’s Fall by Platinum Games announced for PS4 – looks wicked and mysterious

There are two sides to E3 reveals; you have the 5-10 minute gameplay demonstrations and then there’s Babylon’s Fall which shows absolutely nothing unless you’re psychic or a cryptographer. I’m barely any of those, but I’ll try.

From what I can gather the Oversoul is probably a bad thing discovered during Albenland’s era. Its power was later weaponized by the Helios empire, and there are people using fragments of it to read the future and write down prophesies based on what they see. What does the future hold? The apocalypse in the form of an all-consuming darkness of course. There are riots, there are wars, so the gods do what’s necessary, and this is to unleash some good old-fashioned wrath. So, in order to set things right with less wrath and more pro-active means, Goddess Gaia is born. She creates a brand new world for humans to inhabit, which works out fine for a bit. The Gods are a bit worried about people’s faith in Gaia though, so a consort is created called the Scholars of Gaia. But the Scholars and the Helios order can’t quite see eye to eye, which is further fueled by an outbreak called the soul plague.

Seems the humans are screwed again, so a seer named Maria creates the New World Academy. But the day of judgement comes, and Gaia turn against the humans. And I guess this is where the huge badass looking knights come in. They are called Nomads and they come from the Shrine of Souls.

After that everything goes a bit pear-shaped. Babylon’s Fall will be out next year.

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