Fimbul is all about battling trolls and saving Midgard – coming to PS4 in November

With a comic book aesthetic, a big splash of Norse mythology, trolls and the means to go back in time to explore branching outcomes, Fimbul seems to be full of things I personally enjoy. It’s also coming to PlayStation 4 this November.

Ragnarok happened, and an old worse-for-wear viking named Kveldulver has taken it upon himself to prevent the end of the world by traveling through Midgard in search for an ancient artifact. Along the way you will encounter monsters and trolls and thus battle ensues. Various weaponry and a cast of party members with their own skills adds seasoning to what might be a chilling adventure. And auto-save feature called Thread of Life is there for you to go back in time to specific points and explore other branches of the story in order to discover new stuff.

Fimbul is being developed by Zaxis.

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