Post launch content for Spider-Man contains new missions, challenges, enemies and suits

Spider-Man isn’t out yet (September 7), but in case there was any immediate fear that you would put the game down, Insomniac has detailed some of its post launch content coming for the game.

The collection of content is called The City That Never Sleeps and is divided into three separate packages full of goodies. The fist one, named The Heist, is dropping on October 23 and features story missions about Black Cat, as well as new enemy factions and suits to unlock. In other words, your web slinging shenanigans doesn’t end when you’re done with the main story.

Following The Heist are two more drops of delicious DLC; Turf Wars in November and Silver Lining in December, which I assume will further expand on existing and perhaps new characters as well as suits and other tidbits.

The City That Never Sleeps will net you $24.99 unless you’re already all inn for the deluxe edition, which includes this content already.

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