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Need for Speed: ProStreet PS3

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Need for Speed: ProStreet is the 11th installment of Electronic Arts' popular racing game series Need for Speed. On May 21, 2007, Electronic Arts published a teaser trailer of ProStreet, and officially announced it ten days later. It was released worldwide in November 2007.
Need for Speed: ProStreet has taken the series in a different direction of gameplay. In previous installments, racing scenes are set around streets with moving traffic and street crashes with a broken window feeling sound to give it a more in depth feeling of hollywood style racing. However, all racing in ProStreet takes place solely on closed tracks, making ProStreet the first game in the series since [[Need For Speed II]] that doesn't animate illegal racing. Rather, the type of racing appears to be Touring Car Racing. Performance tuning feature is enhanced, compared to previous versions, especially Autosculpt. Unlike Carbon, where only certain body kits can be autosculpted, this can now be applied to all body kits, including stock bumpers and wide body kits. Furthermore, some adjustments through autosculpt impact the car's aerodynamics.

In ProStreet there are four different game modes: Drag (a race in a drag strip, point to point), Grip (similar to Circuit races but with four different types of Grip races available), Speed (similar to a Sprint race) and Drift.
  • US November 14, 2007
  • EU November 23, 2007
  • JP January 31, 2008
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: EA Black Box
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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