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Atelier Firis ~The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey~ Vita Vita

Atelier Firis ~The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey~ Vita

Atelier Firis ~The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey~ is an RPG by Koei Tecmo.
  • US N/A
  • EU N/A
  • JP January 12, 2017
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Platform: PlayStation Vita icon

Developer: Koei Tecmo
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
  • 36 Trophy bronze icon
  • 5 Trophy silver icon
  • 3 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Adjustment pixel The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey: Congraturations! You gathered all the trophies!
Dream like power
Adjustment pixel Dream like power: You met Sophie and Plachta
Tornado ship
Adjustment pixel Tornado ship: Created a ship that can go through tornados
First recommendation letter
Adjustment pixel First recommendation letter: You got a recommendation
Qualified alchemist!
Adjustment pixel Qualified alchemist!: You passed the official alchemist exam
What I want to do
Adjustment pixel What I want to do: You decided what you want to do
Like a wind
Adjustment pixel Like a wind: You made a ship that can fly
With master
Adjustment pixel With master: You went on an alchemic journey with Sophie
Quest for the truth
Adjustment pixel Quest for the truth: You decided to perfect your alchemy skills
Whimsical Journey
Adjustment pixel Whimsical Journey: Went on a journey with Liane.
The two's Atelier
Adjustment pixel The two's Atelier: Opened an alchemy shop with Ilmeria
Rookie puppeteer
Adjustment pixel Rookie puppeteer: Decided to take part in Drossel's puppet show
Goal is to be the strongest
Adjustment pixel Goal is to be the strongest: Decided to travel with Revy
Archaeological journey
Adjustment pixel Archaeological journey: Decided to go on an archeological journey
Adjustment pixel Principal!: Decided to become a teacher at a school
My friend is a flower
Adjustment pixel My friend is a flower: Decided to become friends with plants around the world
Never ending journey
Adjustment pixel Never ending journey: Decided to go on a never ending journey
Treasure beyond the steam vapor
Adjustment pixel Treasure beyond the steam vapor: Enjoyed a hot spring
Traditional dance
Adjustment pixel Traditional dance: Enjoyed a traditional festival at Flussheim
Singing poet
Adjustment pixel Singing poet: Listened to a song of appreciation
Gift from mother
Adjustment pixel Gift from mother: You wore the cloths your mother sent you
The most important thing
Adjustment pixel The most important thing: You watched Firis is held by Liane
Make up
Adjustment pixel Make up: Made up with Ilmeria
Puppet show with a soul
Adjustment pixel Puppet show with a soul: Held a puppet show
Revy's success diary
Adjustment pixel Revy's success diary: You watched Revy become successful as a chef
Adjustment pixel Drinker: You witnessed how much Angriff can drink
This is EXTREME Compounding!!
Adjustment pixel This is EXTREME Compounding!!: You carried out EXTREME Compounding
Found a landmark
Adjustment pixel Found a landmark: Found a landmark
Journey records
Adjustment pixel Journey records: Buried a map in a certain location
Environmental change
Adjustment pixel Environmental change: You melted the snow on the snow mountain
Traveled around the world
Adjustment pixel Traveled around the world: You visited everywhere
As an alchemist
Adjustment pixel As an alchemist: You came up with a lot of recipes
Leave it to Firis!
Adjustment pixel Leave it to Firis!: Completed a lot of chain quests
Knowledge is power
Adjustment pixel Knowledge is power: Submitted a lot of information
Atelier makeover
Adjustment pixel Atelier makeover: Changed the Atelier design
Sis check it out
Adjustment pixel Sis check it out: Changed costumes
Adjustment pixel Barrel!!: You checked many barrels
No tricks at all
Adjustment pixel No tricks at all: You set up your first Atelier
Adjustment pixel Increase...: Increased the number of items using Corneria doll
Over come death
Adjustment pixel Over come death: Defeated Avenger
Firmament Lord
Adjustment pixel Firmament Lord: Defeated Logius
Deep dark water
Adjustment pixel Deep dark water: Defeated the One from the Deep Waters
The two gods
Adjustment pixel The two gods: Defeated Twin Gods
Master and apprentice battle
Adjustment pixel Master and apprentice battle: You beat Sophie in an official exam
The girl that knows the origin
Adjustment pixel The girl that knows the origin: Defeated Palmyra
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