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Blitz: The League II PS3

Blitz: The League II

Blitz: The League II is the latest game in Midway's Blitz series of football games. It is scheduled to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 October 13, 2008. Though little information has been released, the official website continues to update fans about the development. So far 6 new teams and 3 relocated clubs have been announced. The new teams are the Los Angeles Riot, the Philadelphia Brawlers, the Houston Riders [3], Vancouver Beavers, Milwaukee Hounds and Atlanta 404. The relocated teams are the Miami Hammerheads (former Orlando Hammerheads), Cleveland Steamers (former San Diego Cyclones) and the Mexico City Aztecs (former Dallas Aztecs). Lawrence Taylor (L.T.) will also be involved in this edition of Blitz playing as Quentin Sands with the New York Nightmare, his team from the original game (Blitz: The League). The game also continues to allude to real-life scandals involving NFL players, as former Washington Redhawks Quarterback Mike Mexico is now serving time in prison. This situation is similar to the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal. There are also allegations of the New England Regulars cheating in a championship game, a reference to the New England Patriots Spy Gate.

* Realistic Injuries/Down-To-Detail Injuries
* Minigames to heal or juice (Popping someone's arm back into place.)
* Create Touchdown Combos
* Create your OWN player as well as new team. (dubbed "Franchise", team dubbed "Franchise's team")
* Darker, Deeper Campaign
* Precision Aim Tackling System (aim for the thigh, foot, back, shoulder, knee, etc)
* Improved Graphics
* New Late Hit Beatdown system (you dirty hit someone, you can stomp on their helmet three times, or they can counter it, similar to previous NFL Blitz games where you could body slam the ball carrier after a play.)
Blitz: The League II is a Sports, Football-game for the   developed by Midway Games and published by Midway.
  • US October 13, 2008
  • EU October 24, 2008
  • JP N/A
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Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy: Unlock all trophies.
Face of the League
Face of the League: Finish Campaign Mode.
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame: Franchise declared the MVP in all three division seasons.
Legendary Sophomore
Legendary Sophomore: Beat Division 2 in Campaign Mode.
Legendary Rookie
Legendary Rookie: Beat Division 3 in Campaign Mode.
MVP: Franchise declared the MVP in any division season.
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog: Train Franchise up to an A+ rating during Campaign Mode.
Main Man
Main Man: Get Franchise's Reputation to 25 level or higher in Campaign Mode.
Ironman: Score 5 TD's and get 5 sacks with Franchise in a single Campaign Mode game.
Bulldozer: Get 10 sacks with Franchise in one Campaign Mode game.
Showoff: Perform 10 different TD celebrations with Franchise in Campaign Mode.
Hollywood: Perform 5 different touchdown celebrations in a single game.
Man Blanket
Man Blanket: Force 3 turnovers with Franchise during a Division Season in Campaign Mode.
House Rules
House Rules: Win a game against the computer in every Bonus Mode.
Big Spender
Big Spender: Spend over a million dollars in Campaign mode.
Welcome Rookie
Welcome Rookie: Win first game of Campaign Mode.
Return to Sender
Return to Sender: Return two kickoff or punt returns for TD's in any game.
Go Long!
Go Long!: Gain 450 passing yards in any Campaign Mode game.
Rushing Attack
Rushing Attack: Score 5 rushing TD's in any Campaign Mode game.
Magic Hands
Magic Hands: Catch every pass thrown by your QB in any Campaign Mode game.
Safety Dance
Safety Dance: Force a safety in a single Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.
Lucky 7's
Lucky 7's: Throw at least 7 TD passes in a single game in Campaign Mode.
Power Surge
Power Surge: Score three TD's in a single quarter in Campaign Mode.
Jackpot: Earn $400,000 in one campaign mode game.
Group Hug
Group Hug: Land 3 three man tackles in any Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.
Anger Management
Anger Management: Accumulate 5 late hit icons in a single Campaign Mode game.
A-Train: Manually break 3 tackles during a Campaign Mode game.
Early Release
Early Release: Beat Prison Ball in Campaign Mode.
King of the Yard
King of the Yard: Shut out the computer in a Bonus Mode game of Prison Ball.
He's Ready
He's Ready: Complete Training Mode.
Skidmark: Cause 3 weather slips to your opponent in a Campaign Mode game.
Floater: Intercept three passes in a game.
Hot Streak
Hot Streak: Win 5 games in a row online with any teams.
Full Deck
Full Deck: Win an Online game with every team.
The Clap
The Clap: Play someone with the Clap in online play and you get the Clap.
Lockdown: Shut out an opponent in an online game.
Contender: Win a game online.
Real Deal
Real Deal: Win three games in a row online with your Campaign Mode custom team.
Stiffarmed: Injure 2 defenders in a single game in Campaign Mode.
Dr. Feelgood
Dr. Feelgood: Successfully perform 10 Great Triages (over 90%) in Campaign Mode.
Sandman: Complete 3+ sacks with Quentin Sands in a single Campaign Mode game.
Parole Violation
Parole Violation: Injure an opponent with Karl Tirpitz in Campaign Mode.
Playah: Hook up with 3 different girls in Campaign Mode.
Faithful: Be faithful to 1 girl throughout Campaign Mode.
Anatomy Lesson
Anatomy Lesson: You have caused every possible injury at least once.
Testikill: Rupture 10 scrotums in any mode of play.
Proposition: Propose to a cheerleader in any mode of play.
Battagliation: Knock Bruno Battaglia out of the game during the League Championship.
Make it Rain
Make it Rain: Knock New England Captain Packrat James out of the game in any mode.
Pitbull Payback
Pitbull Payback: Knock Mike Mexico out of the game during Prison Ball (Campaign Mode or Bonus Mode).