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Bright Memory: Infinite PS5

Bright Memory: Infinite

The story of Bright Memory: Infinite is set In the future city in 2036, strange phenomenas appear in the sky all over the world all of a sudden and the scientists can not even explain.A mysterious organization called SRO(Super Nature Research Organization) sent serveral team members to investigate.Behind this incident is the survival of the two worlds, a dust-laden history will be revealed.
  • US July 21, 2022
  • EU July 21, 2022
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: FYQD-Studio
Publisher: FYQD-Studio
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  • 14 Trophy bronze icon
  • 11 Trophy silver icon
  • 5 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Lord of Light
Adjustment pixel Lord of Light: Unlock all trophies
Power Balance
Adjustment pixel Power Balance: Defeat the Tian Yu Emperor
Fallen General
Adjustment pixel Fallen General: Kill the Tian Yu Emperor
Battlefield Veteran
Adjustment pixel Battlefield Veteran: Kill the Giant King
Burning Bridges
Adjustment pixel Burning Bridges: Kill the Six-armed Emperor
Adjustment pixel Restoration: Clear the game
Bitter Rivals
Adjustment pixel Bitter Rivals: Clear the game on “Revenge” difficulty
Adjustment pixel Infinite: Clear the game on “Hell” difficulty
Adjustment pixel Battle-hardened: Sever 50 enemy limbs using weapons or skills
Matchless Warrior
Adjustment pixel Matchless Warrior: Sever 100 enemy limbs using weapons or skills
The Heat is On
Adjustment pixel The Heat is On: Defeat 20 enemies using flame-type weapons or skills
None Shall Survive
Adjustment pixel None Shall Survive: Kill 15 people without being spotted by the enemy in the infiltration mission in "Surrounded"
Extreme Skills
Adjustment pixel Extreme Skills: Activate “Counter” 50 times
Adjustment pixel Invulnerable: Activate “Counter” 100 times
Adjustment pixel Eagle-eye: Use “Defend” to deflect 20 enemy bullets
Peerless Warrior
Adjustment pixel Peerless Warrior: Defeat 80 enemies using any skill
Herculean Strength
Adjustment pixel Herculean Strength: Defeat 150 enemies using any skill
AR Silver
Adjustment pixel AR Silver: Defeat 80 enemies using your assault rifle
AR Gold
Adjustment pixel AR Gold: Defeat 150 enemies using your assault rifle
SG Silver
Adjustment pixel SG Silver: Defeat 80 enemies using your shotgun
SG Gold
Adjustment pixel SG Gold: Defeat 150 enemies using your shotgun
HG Silver
Adjustment pixel HG Silver: Defeat 50 enemies using your handgun
HG Gold
Adjustment pixel HG Gold: Defeat 100 enemies using your handgun
SR Silver
Adjustment pixel SR Silver: Defeat 50 enemies using your sniper rifle
SR Gold
Adjustment pixel SR Gold: Defeat 100 enemies using your sniper rifle
Adjustment pixel Bullseye: Destroy 5 enemy vehicles with missiles during the car chase
Get Rich
Adjustment pixel Get Rich: Acquire 20 “Reliquaries”
Get Richer
Adjustment pixel Get Richer: Acquire 50 “Reliquaries”
Get Richest
Adjustment pixel Get Richest: Acquire 100 “Relics”
Adjustment pixel Auto-Tracking: Unlock “Blade Slash Whirlwind: Lv.3”
Flames in the Sky
Adjustment pixel Flames in the Sky: Unlock “Rocket Punch: Lv.3”
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