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Children of Zodiarcs PS4

Children of Zodiarcs

Children of Zodiarcs is a return to classic single player Tactical RPGs from the era of the first PlayStation. Layered on top of grid-based combat arenas, deck building and dice crafting gameplay mechanics combine strategy with controlled risk to build tension, anticipation and excitement.
  • US July 18, 2017
  • EU July 18, 2017
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Cardboard Utopia
Publisher: Square Enix Collective
  • 29 Trophy bronze icon
  • 7 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Platinum Zodiarc
Adjustment pixel Platinum Zodiarc: Collect all trophies
Child's play
Adjustment pixel Child's play: Ransack the Noble's tower
Leave no witnesses
Adjustment pixel Leave no witnesses: Complete “Story Mission 4” without reaching the exit
Children's Stories
Adjustment pixel Children's Stories: Escape the assault on the Orphanage
This is OUR turf
Adjustment pixel This is OUR turf: Complete “Story Mission 5” without reaching the exit
Next time, make friends with salad
Adjustment pixel Next time, make friends with salad: Complete “Story Mission 6” without reaching the exit
Faster than you can say “lockpick”
Adjustment pixel Faster than you can say “lockpick”: Complete “Story Mission 8” before turn 7
No need to run
Adjustment pixel No need to run: Complete “Story Mission 9” without reaching the exit
Score of a Lifetime
Adjustment pixel Score of a Lifetime: KINDERGUARD UNIT 01001010-01001011-2b-01000001-01000010
The Zodiarc Relic
Adjustment pixel The Zodiarc Relic: He promised them a live one...
The King is dead...
Adjustment pixel The King is dead...: Down, boy.
They started it, you ended it
Adjustment pixel They started it, you ended it: Complete “Story Mission 16” without reaching the exit
Send her back Home
Adjustment pixel Send her back Home: Meet the Peacocks
My life might suck...
Adjustment pixel My life might suck...: ...but I've kinda gotten attached to it...
Sic semper tyrannis
Adjustment pixel Sic semper tyrannis: Defeat Lord Zulta, heirless Master of Coin, before he gets away in “Story Mission 19”
They left before their time
Adjustment pixel They left before their time: Complete “Story Mission 19” before turn 11
What You Can't Steal
Adjustment pixel What You Can't Steal: A promise to keep...
Master of Zodiarcs
Adjustment pixel Master of Zodiarcs: Complete the game on Hard difficulty
A bandit, a foreigner, and a noble walk into an ale house...
Adjustment pixel A bandit, a foreigner, and a noble walk into an ale house...: What is this, some kind of joke?
Class... is dismissed.
Adjustment pixel Class... is dismissed.: YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
We can catch up to her later
Adjustment pixel We can catch up to her later: Complete “Side Mission 3” without reaching the exit
Bound by Fate
Adjustment pixel Bound by Fate: The joyous reunion of old friends
One last round...
Adjustment pixel One last round...: Give the audience what they paid for
The Arena has a new master
Adjustment pixel The Arena has a new master: Complete the Arena of Xin on Hard difficulty
Dice Crafting Apprentice
Adjustment pixel Dice Crafting Apprentice: Craft 20 dice symbols
Dice Crafting Master
Adjustment pixel Dice Crafting Master: Craft 5 Lighting symbols
The Dice Student...
Adjustment pixel The Dice Student...: Equip any hero with three level 2 dice
...has become the Dice Master
Adjustment pixel ...has become the Dice Master: Equip any hero with six level 6 dice
Skirmish Baroness
Adjustment pixel Skirmish Baroness: Complete 10 Skirmishes
Skirmish Queen
Adjustment pixel Skirmish Queen: Complete 5 Elite Skirmishes
Treasure them always
Adjustment pixel Treasure them always: Share moments of quiet with everyone
Deck Building Ace
Adjustment pixel Deck Building Ace: Edit the decks of 3 different heroes
Wielder of the Shroud
Adjustment pixel Wielder of the Shroud: Trigger an “If Shrouded” Card effect
A kinder guardian
Adjustment pixel A kinder guardian: Trigger an “If Guardian” Card effect
Overcharged to the max
Adjustment pixel Overcharged to the max: Trigger an “If Overcharged” Card effect
Card assault
Adjustment pixel Card assault: Play 7 Cards in a row with the same character
You're not a good friend, are you?
Adjustment pixel You're not a good friend, are you?: Perform 10 Backstabs in the same playthrough
I'm guessing you like dice?
Adjustment pixel I'm guessing you like dice?: Throw 17 dice in a single roll
Rerolling with the stars
Adjustment pixel Rerolling with the stars: Get 10 Star symbols through Rerolling in the same playthrough
You can't touch this!
Adjustment pixel You can't touch this!: Complete a battle without being Counter-Attacked by an enemy
You laugh in the Boney Face of Fate
Adjustment pixel You laugh in the Boney Face of Fate: Complete the game without any heroes dying in battle
12 players