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Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising PS5

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising

Eagle Fang, Cobra Kai, Miyagi-do – Which is your dojo? That choice begins your journey, but then it’s up to you to recruit the most powerful team as you master your fighting style and battle to solidify your dojo’s LEGACY as the All Valley Karate Grand Champion
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Flux Games
Publisher: GameMill Entertainment
  • 42 Trophy bronze icon
  • 11 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Dojo Master
Adjustment pixel Dojo Master: Collect all other trophies
You Have Chozen
Adjustment pixel You Have Chozen: Start your quest to raise the best Dojo in the Valley
Way of the Fist
Adjustment pixel Way of the Fist: Eliminate Mercy within you and join Sensei Kreese (Finish Story Act 1 - Cobra Kai)
Adjustment pixel Balance: Learn balance in Karate and start a journey with Daniel (Finish Story Act 1 - Miyagi-Do)
But Eagles don't have...
Adjustment pixel But Eagles don't have...: QUIET! Shut you mouth and start kicking arse with Johnny (Finish Story Act 1 - Eagle Fang)
Dojo Wars
Adjustment pixel Dojo Wars: Finish preparations for the All Valley Tournament (Finish Story Act 2 - Any Dojo)
The Best
Adjustment pixel The Best: Become the All Valley Karate Champion (Finish Story Act 3 - Any Dojo)
Joint Venture
Adjustment pixel Joint Venture: Ally with another Dojo during Act 4 (Any Dojo)
Open for Business
Adjustment pixel Open for Business: Recruit 5 Staff to your Dojo (Any Dojo)
It starts with 1
Adjustment pixel It starts with 1: Recruit your first Character
Full House
Adjustment pixel Full House: Recruit characters to fill all Fighter Slots and all Staff slots in a Level 5 Dojo (Any Dojo)
Turning a Profit
Adjustment pixel Turning a Profit: Turn in more than $5000 profit in a day at the Dojo (Any Dojo)
IPO Ready
Adjustment pixel IPO Ready: Upgrade a Dojo to Level 5 (Any Dojo)
Second Home
Adjustment pixel Second Home: Get a character to "Excited" mood (Any Dojo)
Adjustment pixel Happyland: Start a mission with all 4 Characters in your party in "Excited" mood (Any Dojo)
Don't need ya
Adjustment pixel Don't need ya: Have any character leave your Dojo (Any Dojo)
Got the moves
Adjustment pixel Got the moves: Finish 15 enemies with any Skill
Don't stop me now
Adjustment pixel Don't stop me now: Finish 30 enemies with Badass Mode active
On the Ground
Adjustment pixel On the Ground: Finish 05 enemies with ground attacks
Best Defense is More Offense
Adjustment pixel Best Defense is More Offense: Finish a level without dodging
Adjustment pixel Prodigy: Reach Combo Meter N / M 5 times
Jackie Style
Adjustment pixel Jackie Style: Use environmental Chi Attacks 20 times
Karate Instinct
Adjustment pixel Karate Instinct: Get 100 Hits in a single combo
Can't Touch Me... again
Adjustment pixel Can't Touch Me... again: Finish 20 enemies without taking a hit
This Way, Please
Adjustment pixel This Way, Please: Grab and Drag enemies for 1000 meters
Adjustment pixel Superloaded: Start a level with one accessory equipped in each character
101% in Love
Adjustment pixel 101% in Love: Recruit Yasmine without a fight
Karate Secrets
Adjustment pixel Karate Secrets: Find and Destroy a secret passage
Adjustment pixel Explorer: Find 5 Collectibles in the game
Adjustment pixel Hoarder: Find 30 Collectibles in the game
So Selfish
Adjustment pixel So Selfish: Clear a level without ever switching characters
Karate Purist
Adjustment pixel Karate Purist: Clear a level without using any Skills (Chi attacks are OK)
Yes, Sensei!
Adjustment pixel Yes, Sensei!: Complete 1 sensei dare
Yes, Sensei!!!!!!!!!!
Adjustment pixel Yes, Sensei!!!!!!!!!!: Complete 10 unique sensei dares
I'm Speed
Adjustment pixel I'm Speed: Win a Tournament fight controlling Kenny in less than 3 minutes
I'm the What Breath now?
Adjustment pixel I'm the What Breath now?: Win a Tournament fight controlling Mitch
Size Doesn't Matter
Adjustment pixel Size Doesn't Matter: Win a fight with Nate or Bert in the Tournament
Shopping Spree
Adjustment pixel Shopping Spree: Buy 10 items from Lyle's Shop
Third Dan
Adjustment pixel Third Dan: Complete 10 Story Karate Challenges
Fifth Dan
Adjustment pixel Fifth Dan: Complete 20 Story Karate Challenges
Cobra Classics
Adjustment pixel Cobra Classics: Finish one Cobra Classic Scenario
Classic Master
Adjustment pixel Classic Master: Finish all Cobra Classic Scenarios
All Valley Champion
Adjustment pixel All Valley Champion: Finish a campaign in All Valley Tournament Mode (Any Character)
Round 1, Fight
Adjustment pixel Round 1, Fight: Finish a 2 player versus match in All Valley Tournament Mode (Any Character)
Old cars, new Friends
Adjustment pixel Old cars, new Friends: Recruit one or more Characters in the Chop Shop Level
Snake in the Woods
Adjustment pixel Snake in the Woods: Recruit one or more Characters in the Coyote Creek Level
Cutting Class
Adjustment pixel Cutting Class: Recruit one or more Characters in the School Level
Adjustment pixel Mallrats: Recruit one or more Characters in the Mall Level
Adjustment pixel BLUES: Recruit one or more Characters in the Juvie Level
Date Night
Adjustment pixel Date Night: Recruit one or more Characters in the Arcade Level
Fun, Fun, Fun
Adjustment pixel Fun, Fun, Fun: Recruit one or more Characters in the Valley Fest Level
Surfin' USA
Adjustment pixel Surfin' USA: Recruit one or more Characters in the L.A. Beach Level
Blast from the Past
Adjustment pixel Blast from the Past: Recruit one or more Characters in the Classic CK Site Level
Roller Skate Brawl
Adjustment pixel Roller Skate Brawl: Recruit one or more Characters in the Roller Skate Arena Level
Silver Tongue
Adjustment pixel Silver Tongue: Recruit Devon Lee and Chozen
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