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Dangerous Golf PS4

Dangerous Golf

Dangerous Golf is an irreverent, silly, fun approach to golf games that challenges players to break the rules and wreak havoc on more than 100 holes in four unexpected locations.
Dangerous Golf is a Golf, Action-game for the   developed by Three Fields Entertainment and published by Three Fields Entertainment.
  • US June 3, 2016
  • EU June 3, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Up There With The Best Of The Best
Up There With The Best Of The Best: Unlock every Trophy
Body Armour
Body Armour: Knock Down 500 Suits of Armour in the Castle
Unlucky: Break 70 mirrors
Done This Before?
Done This Before?: Trigger a Smashbreaker for the first time
No Flipping!
No Flipping!: Bounce the ball off the 4th Wall and successfully Putt into the Hole
Smash Landing
Smash Landing: Earn your first Smashdown
And The Flowers Are Still Standing
And The Flowers Are Still Standing: Get a Double Smashdown for the first time
The Secret Is In The Sauce
The Secret Is In The Sauce: Hit the Secret Sauce on 10 different Holes
It's Just A Jump To The Left
It's Just A Jump To The Left: Travel through your first Warp
Buzzer Beater
Buzzer Beater: Sink a Zero Hour Putt
After Hours
After Hours: Complete Tour #1 "The Sorry Were Closed"
Bowled Over
Bowled Over: Complete Tour #2 "The Super Fruit Bowl"
Diabolical: Complete Tour #3 "The Terribles"
Welcome To The D-List!
Welcome To The D-List!: Complete Tour #4 "The No Celebrity Pro Am"
Absolutely: Complete Tour #5 "The Back of the Head with a Plastic Cup"
Fully Comprehensive Damage
Fully Comprehensive Damage: Complete Tour #6 "The Vandals"
Party Crasher
Party Crasher: Complete Tour #7 "The Your Not Invited Invitational"
Can You Kick It?
Can You Kick It?: Complete Tour #8 "The Bucket List"
Reservoir Golf
Reservoir Golf: Complete Tour #9 "The Idiots Championship"
More Dangerous Than You Look.
More Dangerous Than You Look.: Complete Tour #10 "The Dangerous Classic"
This Means War
This Means War: Beat a Friend score for the first time
Film At Eleven...
Film At Eleven...: Unlock your first Smash Headline
Watch It Happen
Watch It Happen: Unlock your first Signature Smash
You're The Master of Disaster
You're The Master of Disaster: Earn All Signature Smashes
Millionaires Club?
Millionaires Club?: Score over $2M in a Putting Challenge Hole
Jams It In!
Jams It In!: Sink your first Double Ricochet Putt
Rocket Shot
Rocket Shot: Sink your first Triple Ricochet Putt
Wallbanger: Sink your first Quadruple Ricochet Putt
Liquid Adhesive
Liquid Adhesive: Find some Glue for the first time
Smart Bomb
Smart Bomb: Blow up 500 objects
It's a Swish
It's a Swish: Successfully perform your first Airstrike
Strike!: Hit 500 objects with a bucket
Hazard Play
Hazard Play: Complete your first Hazard Hole
Take Another Shot!
Take Another Shot!: First Retee.
Show Me The Money
Show Me The Money: First time all Money Flags revealed
Oil Crisis
Oil Crisis: Smash 500 Oil Cans in the Gas Station
Double Vision
Double Vision: Destroy a pair of Mystery Items
Travel With A Friend
Travel With A Friend: Complete a World Tour in Co-Op
Testing Your Friendship
Testing Your Friendship: Complete all Tours in Co-Op
Gold Rush
Gold Rush: Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in the USA
Goldflinger: Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in the UK.
Gold Digger
Gold Digger: Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in Australia.
Golden: Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in France
You Have Been Watching...
You Have Been Watching...: Watch the Credits to our game.
Too Many Secrets
Too Many Secrets: Travelled through a Warp 100 times.
But Is It The Same Ball?
But Is It The Same Ball?: Use a Warp to Putt the Ball into the Hole
No Such Thing as Bad Publicity
No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Unlock all the Smash Headlines.
You Deserve a Medal
You Deserve a Medal: Earn your first medal in Co-Op.
Go Team!
Go Team!: Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in the USA.
Top Hole!
Top Hole!: Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in the UK.
Green and Gold!
Green and Gold!: Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in Australia.
Magnifique!: Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in France.
It's a Cinderella Story
It's a Cinderella Story: Win an Offline Party Golf game.
Take on the World
Take on the World: Win your first game of Party Golf Online
Getting the Party Started
Getting the Party Started: Play your first Party Golf Game (on or offline).
Showing Off Now
Showing Off Now: Earn all the Single Player Platinum Medals