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Faeria PS4


With its unique living board, Faeria is also the only card game where you can gain all 300 cards in less than 50 hours.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Abrakam
Publisher: Versus Evil
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  • 42 Trophy bronze icon
  • 11 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Faeria Completionist
Adjustment pixel Faeria Completionist: Earn all Faeira Trophies
Classic Collection
Adjustment pixel Classic Collection: Collect all cards in Classic Faeria.
Welcome to Faeria!
Adjustment pixel Welcome to Faeria!: Complete the introduction missions.
Mission complete
Adjustment pixel Mission complete: Complete a Mission Pack.
Mission master
Adjustment pixel Mission master: Complete all classic Mission Packs.
That's Wild
Adjustment pixel That's Wild: Complete 10 Wild Mission Packs.
Puzzle Master
Adjustment pixel Puzzle Master: Complete all puzzles in Classic Faeria.
Like a Boss
Adjustment pixel Like a Boss: Defeat King Yaknus.
Who's the Boss?
Adjustment pixel Who's the Boss?: Defeat 6 World bosses.
You're the Boss
Adjustment pixel You're the Boss: Defeat all World Bosses.
Encounter with Ulani
Adjustment pixel Encounter with Ulani: Complete all missions in Ulani’s Realm.
Wisplight Fallen
Adjustment pixel Wisplight Fallen: Complete all missions in Wisplight Falls.
Yo ho
Adjustment pixel Yo ho: Complete all missions in Pirate’s Aerie
Secret of Everlife
Adjustment pixel Secret of Everlife: Complete all missions in Gaea’s Navel.
Adjustment pixel Contender: Win 10 games in Ranked or Casual.
Adjustment pixel OTK: Deal 20 or more damage to the enemy god in one turn.
Adjustment pixel Bargain: Reduce the Faeria cost of cards in your hand by 50 Faeria in one game.
Adjustment pixel Sadist: Deal 20 damage to yourself in one game, and win.
Adjustment pixel Burn: Win a game without attacking your opponent’s orb.
Death from above
Adjustment pixel Death from above: Kill your opponent with a Ranged creature.
Adjustment pixel Armageddon: Destroy 5 creatures with one Meteor.
Adjustment pixel !egg: Hatch a 10 or higher cost creature from the Egg of Wonders.
By design
Adjustment pixel By design: Kill a Dragon using Sharra.
Go the distance
Adjustment pixel Go the distance: Win a game with fatigue damage.
For the swarm
Adjustment pixel For the swarm: Summon 20 Swarming Carassius in a single turn.
Adjustment pixel Jelly?: Have Istanu regenerate 5 times in one game.
Genuine Grandeur
Adjustment pixel Genuine Grandeur: Play a 20/20 Illusion of Grandeur
Nice moves, keep it up
Adjustment pixel Nice moves, keep it up: Move the same creature 3 times in one turn.
Living the dream
Adjustment pixel Living the dream: Play Aurora’s Dream and win a PvP game.
Oblivion awaits
Adjustment pixel Oblivion awaits: Kill your opponent with Ostregoth in a PvP game.
Adjustment pixel Highlander: Win 10 games with a deck containing no more than 1 copy of each card.
The Strategist
Adjustment pixel The Strategist: Reach Rank 15 in constructed.
Breaching the Gates
Adjustment pixel Breaching the Gates: Complete 1 run of Pandora.
Storming the Gates
Adjustment pixel Storming the Gates: Complete 10 runs of Pandora.
Adjustment pixel Gatekeeper: Complete 30 runs of Pandora.
Flawless Victory
Adjustment pixel Flawless Victory: Complete a Pandora run with six wins and no losses.
Skilled Adventurer
Adjustment pixel Skilled Adventurer: Complete 5 Daily Quests.
Master Adventurer
Adjustment pixel Master Adventurer: Complete 25 Daily Quests.
Grandmaster Adventurer
Adjustment pixel Grandmaster Adventurer: Complete 100 Daily Quests.
Adjustment pixel Slaying: Destroy 50 creatures.
Adjustment pixel Slaughter: Destroy 250 creatures.
Adjustment pixel Genocide: Destroy 1000 creatures.
To the Face
Adjustment pixel To the Face: Deal 100 damage to enemy gods.
Adjustment pixel Smorc: Deal 1000 damage to enemy gods.
The Face is the Place
Adjustment pixel The Face is the Place: Deal 5000 damage to enemy gods.
Deep blue
Adjustment pixel Deep blue: Play 250 Blue Cards.
Adjustment pixel Flourishing: Play 250 Green Cards.
Adjustment pixel Conflagration: Play 250 Red Cards.
Sand, it gets everywhere
Adjustment pixel Sand, it gets everywhere: Play 250 Yellow Cards.
The stories were true
Adjustment pixel The stories were true: Play 250 Legendary cards.
Dragon Slayer
Adjustment pixel Dragon Slayer: Beat 5 Dragons in the Dragon's Lair.
High End Raiding
Adjustment pixel High End Raiding: Beat 50 Dragons in the Dragon's Lair.
Fall of Everlife
Fall of Everlife Collection
Adjustment pixel Fall of Everlife Collection: Collect all cards from the Fall of Everlife.
Nothing is safe
Adjustment pixel Nothing is safe: Corrupt 5 times in a game.
Resurgence Collection
Adjustment pixel Resurgence Collection: Collect all cards from Resurgence.
Puzzle Elementalist
Adjustment pixel Puzzle Elementalist: Complete all puzzles in the Elements Puzzle Pack.
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