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Final Assault PS4

Final Assault

Final Assault is a WWII themed Action Strategy Game that capitalizes on the full power of Virtual Reality. Command massive ground battles as the skies erupt in dynamic dog fights and bombing runs. Combat requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. Fight the battle, win the war
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Phaser Lock Interactive
Publisher: Phaser Lock Interactive
  • 35 Trophy bronze icon
  • 14 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Trophies of War
Adjustment pixel Trophies of War: Collect all Final Assault Trophies
Heck on Wheels
Adjustment pixel Heck on Wheels: Destroy 1000 German Motorcycles
Jeep at Twice the Price
Adjustment pixel Jeep at Twice the Price: Destroy 1000 US Jeeps.
Lieutenant Colonel
Adjustment pixel Lieutenant Colonel: Win 50 Multi-player matches
Master Sergeant
Adjustment pixel Master Sergeant: Win 50 Skirmishes
Woche Krieger
Adjustment pixel Woche Krieger: Play 7 Days in a Row
Military Month
Adjustment pixel Military Month: Play 30 Days in a Row
Adjustment pixel Colonel: Win 100 Multi-player matches
Sergeant Major
Adjustment pixel Sergeant Major: Win 100 Skirmishes
Left them Hanging
Adjustment pixel Left them Hanging: Destroy 1000 German Planes
Plane and Simple
Adjustment pixel Plane and Simple: Destroy 100 German Planes
Weekend Warrior
Adjustment pixel Weekend Warrior: Play 3 Days in a Row
Air Force Commander
Adjustment pixel Air Force Commander: Spawn 500 Planes
Marshal Your Troops
Adjustment pixel Marshal Your Troops: Use Troop Trucks to spawn 1000 German Troops
Commanding Officer
Adjustment pixel Commanding Officer: Spawn one of every type of US Unit
Overkill, US Style
Adjustment pixel Overkill, US Style: Fire 100 Artillery Barrages in PVP
Adjustment pixel Oberfuhrer: Spawn one of every type of German Unit
Overkill, German Style
Adjustment pixel Overkill, German Style: Fire 100 V2 Rockets in PVP
Thousand Man March
Adjustment pixel Thousand Man March: Use Troop Trucks to spawn 1000 US Troops
Plane Vanilla
Adjustment pixel Plane Vanilla: Destroy 100 US Planes
Squeaky Wheel Gets Shot
Adjustment pixel Squeaky Wheel Gets Shot: Destroy 100 German Motorcycles
Jeep Shot
Adjustment pixel Jeep Shot: Destroy 100 US Jeeps
Sherman Burner
Adjustment pixel Sherman Burner: Destroy 100 US Tanks
Tiger Skinner
Adjustment pixel Tiger Skinner: Destroy 100 German Tanks
Operation Konrad
Adjustment pixel Operation Konrad: Win a Multi-player match on Breckon Harbor
Operation Blowtorch
Adjustment pixel Operation Blowtorch: Win a Skirmish on Chateau Tod
Adjustment pixel Lieutenant: Win 5 Multi-player matches
Operation Edelwei
Adjustment pixel Operation Edelwei: Win a Multi-player match on Hill-512
Operation Haudegan
Adjustment pixel Operation Haudegan: Win a Multi-player match on Wallenberg
Operation Wolf’s Fang
Adjustment pixel Operation Wolf’s Fang: Win a Skirmish on Corvid Pass
Tanking about it
Adjustment pixel Tanking about it: Destroy 50 German Tanks
Plane as Day
Adjustment pixel Plane as Day: Destroy 50 German Planes
Operation Charnwood
Adjustment pixel Operation Charnwood: Win a Skirmish on Kleinstadt
Plane Jane
Adjustment pixel Plane Jane: Destroy 50 US Planes
Operation Kluft
Adjustment pixel Operation Kluft: Win a Multi-player match on Corvid Pass
Asleep at the wheel
Adjustment pixel Asleep at the wheel: Destroy 50 German Motorcycles
Jeep Trick
Adjustment pixel Jeep Trick: Destroy 50 US Jeeps
Full Outfit
Adjustment pixel Full Outfit: Spawn one of every type of Unit
The Overlord
Adjustment pixel The Overlord: Complete Campaign Mode with all 3 US Commanders
The Field Marshall
Adjustment pixel The Field Marshall: Complete Campaign Mode with all 3 German Commanders
Tanks For Playing
Adjustment pixel Tanks For Playing: Complete Campaign Mode with Beaumont
Adjustment pixel Major: Win 25 Multi-player matches
Recognized Mechanized
Adjustment pixel Recognized Mechanized: Complete Campaign Mode with Galland
Boots on the Ground
Adjustment pixel Boots on the Ground: Complete Campaign Mode with Simmons
Tanks, but no Tanks
Adjustment pixel Tanks, but no Tanks: Destroy 1000 German Tanks
Dead Air
Adjustment pixel Dead Air: Destroy 1000 US Planes
Tanks a Million
Adjustment pixel Tanks a Million: Destroy 1000 US Tanks
Adjustment pixel Sergeant: Win 25 Skirmishes
Just Parachute Me
Adjustment pixel Just Parachute Me: Complete Campaign Mode with Nichols
Heavy Gunther
Adjustment pixel Heavy Gunther: Complete Campaign Mode with Wulf
Himmel Krieger
Adjustment pixel Himmel Krieger: Complete Campaign Mode with Von Ritter
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