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Football Manager 2014 Vita

Football Manager 2014

Designed specifically for faster career progression with the main focus on the key areas of football management such as; tactics, transfers and managing your team on matchdays. Areas such as media handling, training and finance are much more streamline and designed not to slow down progression to those all-important match days.
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Platform: PlayStation Vita icon

Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega
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  • 56 Trophy bronze icon
  • 4 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Adjustment pixel Platinum: Unlock all trophies
Adjustment pixel Headhunted: You were offered a job by a larger team than you were managing
Unlock Unlimited Scouting
Adjustment pixel Unlock Unlimited Scouting: You unlocked unlimited scouting
Unlock All Players Interested
Adjustment pixel Unlock All Players Interested: You unlocked all players interested
Unlock Foreign Influx
Adjustment pixel Unlock Foreign Influx: You unlocked foreign influx
Unlock No Sacking
Adjustment pixel Unlock No Sacking: You unlocked no sacking
Unlock No Loan Restrictions
Adjustment pixel Unlock No Loan Restrictions: You unlocked no loan restrictions
Unlock Attribute Masking
Adjustment pixel Unlock Attribute Masking: You unlocked attribute masking
Unlock No Transfer Windows
Adjustment pixel Unlock No Transfer Windows: You unlocked no transfer windows
Unlock Son Generated
Adjustment pixel Unlock Son Generated: You unlocked the son generated
Unlock No Work Permits
Adjustment pixel Unlock No Work Permits: You unlocked no work permits
Unlock National Management
Adjustment pixel Unlock National Management: You unlocked national management
Adjustment pixel Unbeatable!: Your team was unbeaten in 10 consecutive competitive matches
Squad Depth
Adjustment pixel Squad Depth: Win two consecutive matches fielding an entirely different starting line up in each
Adjustment pixel Thumping: Your team won a competitive match by at least 5 goals
Clean Sheet
Adjustment pixel Clean Sheet: You played a competitive match without conceding a goal
Adjustment pixel Icon: You have received 10 Manager Of The Year awards
Fantastic Five
Adjustment pixel Fantastic Five: 5 of your players were selected in Team of the year
Full Faith
Adjustment pixel Full Faith: You have gained 90% overall board confidence
Record Signing
Adjustment pixel Record Signing: You broke your club's record transfer fee spent on a player
He's Signed
Adjustment pixel He's Signed: Sign a player for your team
Parked The Tank
Adjustment pixel Parked The Tank: Your team didn't concede a goal in 10 consecutive competitive matches
Spanish Hero
Adjustment pixel Spanish Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Spain
Italian Hero
Adjustment pixel Italian Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Italy
French Hero
Adjustment pixel French Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in France
Scottish Hero
Adjustment pixel Scottish Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Scotland
English Hero
Adjustment pixel English Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in England
Adjustment pixel Immortality: You have received 20 Manager Of The Year awards
Value For Money
Adjustment pixel Value For Money: Congratulations! You have played Football Manager for 30 seasons
Adjustment pixel Invincible!: Your team played the entire season without losing a league game
Best in the Business
Adjustment pixel Best in the Business: You have won the Manager Of The Month award 10 times
On Top Of The World
Adjustment pixel On Top Of The World: You have won the World Cup
Trophy Hoarder
Adjustment pixel Trophy Hoarder: You have won 20 cup competitions
Part Of The Furniture
Adjustment pixel Part Of The Furniture: You have stayed at one club for 10 seasons
Do The Double
Adjustment pixel Do The Double: You won a nation's top league and cup competitions in the same season
Double Hat-Trick
Adjustment pixel Double Hat-Trick: Your player scored 6 or more goals in one competitive match
Super Cup Glory
Adjustment pixel Super Cup Glory: You won a continental cup competition
Best In Europe
Adjustment pixel Best In Europe: Your player won the European Player Of The Year award
The Boss
Adjustment pixel The Boss: You won the Manager Of The Year award
National Service
Adjustment pixel National Service: You were offered a job in senior international management
Scoring Streak
Adjustment pixel Scoring Streak: Your team scored in 10 consecutive competitive matches
Unstoppable Force
Adjustment pixel Unstoppable Force: Your team scored the most league goals over an entire season
Star Man
Adjustment pixel Star Man: One of your players was selected in the Team Of The Year
Comeback King!
Adjustment pixel Comeback King!: You won a competitive match after being 2 or more goals down at half-time
Parked The Bus
Adjustment pixel Parked The Bus: Your team didn't concede a goal in 5 consecutive league games
Team Performance
Adjustment pixel Team Performance: Five of your players were named in a team of the week
Adjustment pixel Champions!: You won the top league in a nation
Cup Glory!
Adjustment pixel Cup Glory!: You won a top domestic cup
You're Up!
Adjustment pixel You're Up!: Guide your team to promotion in a domestic league
Top Of The Class
Adjustment pixel Top Of The Class: You won a manager of the month award
Adjustment pixel Hat-trick: One of your players scored a hat-trick
Golden Boot
Adjustment pixel Golden Boot: Your player was the top scorer at a World Cup
Iron Curtain
Adjustment pixel Iron Curtain: Your team conceded the least league goals over an entire season
Over Achiever!
Adjustment pixel Over Achiever!: Your team was picked as the leagues over achieving team
International Superstar
Adjustment pixel International Superstar: One of your players was selected in the World Cup Best XI
Back Of the Net!
Adjustment pixel Back Of the Net!: Your team scored a goal in a competitive match.
He's sold!
Adjustment pixel He's sold!: Sell a player to another team
Goal Machine
Adjustment pixel Goal Machine: Your player was the top league goalscorer over an entire season
Adjustment pixel Domination: You have won 3 consecutive top division league titles
First Victory
Adjustment pixel First Victory: You guided your team to victory in a competitive fixture
Freedom Of The Country
Adjustment pixel Freedom Of The Country: You have won an international championship
Best In The World
Adjustment pixel Best In The World: Your player won a World Player Of The Year award