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Full Throttle Remastered PS4

Full Throttle Remastered

Full Throttle Remastered will feature all new artwork, with high resolution backgrounds and animation, with each frame being repainted by hand.
Full Throttle Remastered is a Adventure-game for the   developed by Double Fine and published by Double Fine.
  • US April 18, 2017
  • EU April 18, 2017
  • JP N/A
  • 22
  • 15
  • 2
  • 1
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Full Throttle
Full Throttle: Unlock all trophies
One Final Offer...
One Final Offer...: Accept Ripburger's Final Offer
Not Puttin' My Lips on That
Not Puttin' My Lips on That: Keep Your Lips Off of 10 Objects
Ring Pull
Ring Pull: Get your keys from the bartender
A-Number One Polecat Honcho
A-Number One Polecat Honcho: Take out the first Rottwheeler
Minking Memories
Minking Memories: Check out the photo of Uncle Pete
Know Mo
Know Mo: Finish all of Mo's initial dialog
Angels with Dirty Faces
Angels with Dirty Faces: Keep talking to Todd
Trailer Trashed
Trailer Trashed: Kick in the trailer door
Carry the Torch
Carry the Torch: Retrieve Mo's welding torch
Not So Tough After All
Not So Tough After All: Pick the lock to the tower
Annoyed Floyd
Annoyed Floyd: Hide from Floyd
OK, I'll Put My Lips on That
OK, I'll Put My Lips on That: Siphon gas from Floyd
Right in the Junk
Right in the Junk: Recover the forks from the junkyard
Unnatural Causes
Unnatural Causes: Listen to Malcolm's last words
News to Me
News to Me: Watch the entire news broadcast
I Can Do That
I Can Do That: Play a game of five finger fillet
A New Hope
A New Hope: Grab the Fake ID from Miranda
Hard Tale
Hard Tale: Look at the pic of Maureen and Malcom fixing hard tail
Hosed: Get a hose to fix your bike
Torque Talk
Torque Talk: Consume Father Torque's wisdom
Fertilized: Use the fertilizer to spin out Nestor and Bolus
A Fistful of Fertilizer
A Fistful of Fertilizer: Get the chainsaw with the fertilizer
Gogglor: Use the Cavefish goggles to locate their lair
The Spirit of Ricky Myran
The Spirit of Ricky Myran: Escape with Ricky's ramp
Pure Evel
Pure Evel: Launch over Poyahoga Gorge
Invasion of the Bunny Snatcher
Invasion of the Bunny Snatcher: Snatch the bunny
Pull a Fast One
Pull a Fast One: Get the battery from the minefield
Hare Trigger
Hare Trigger: Sacrifice bunnies to get through the minefield
Taut a Lesson
Taut a Lesson: Talk your way out of getting quartered
What A Pain Threshold!
What A Pain Threshold!: Make the Boom Boom Bros go boom
Wisecrack: Kick the crack to open the secret passage
Burger Melt
Burger Melt: Melt Ripburger's vision of the future
Rabbit Ragu
Rabbit Ragu: Dice a rabbit in the engine fan
Now Boarding
Now Boarding: Get Ripburger into the plane
LOOMing Seagull
LOOMing Seagull: Kill the LOOM Seagull
Can't Beat a Corley
Can't Beat a Corley: Send up a gorge-ous death for Ripburger
Burger Well Done
Burger Well Done: Defeat Ripburger without dying
Thank No Cats
Thank No Cats: Watch the bunnies overtake the credits
Burn-In Rubber
Burn-In Rubber: Save your screen from burn-in with 3D animated vehicles
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