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Hannah Montana The Movie PS3

Hannah Montana The Movie

Step into the secret dual life of Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana in Hannah Montana The Movie videogame. Journey beyond the movie and for the first time ever perform as Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart! Explore Miley's hometown of Crowley Corners as she rediscovers the world she left behind.
  • US April 7, 2009
  • EU May 8, 2009
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: n-Space
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
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  • 30 Trophy bronze icon
  • 8 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Supreme Star
Adjustment pixel Supreme Star: Collect all trophies.
Adjustment pixel Professional: Earn a 5 Star rating for a performance.
Adjustment pixel Superstar: Earn a 5 Star rating on all songs.
Adjustment pixel Rockstar: Earn a 5 Star rating on each stage.
Crowley Meadows
Adjustment pixel Crowley Meadows: Save Crowley Meadows.
Adjustment pixel Hoedown: Perform the Hoedown Throwdown at Meadow Hall.
Coop Fixer Upper
Adjustment pixel Coop Fixer Upper: Completely finish the chicken coop for Travis.
Big Spender
Adjustment pixel Big Spender: Buy 100 articles of clothing.
Fashion Designer
Adjustment pixel Fashion Designer: Decorate 30 items with the Hannah Box fashion designer.
Perfect Aim
Adjustment pixel Perfect Aim: Win the Bottle Toss game at the Fair.
Expert Frog Launcher
Adjustment pixel Expert Frog Launcher: Get over 100 points on the Frog hop game at the Fair.
Champion Rider
Adjustment pixel Champion Rider: Ride Blue Jeans 10 times at Ruby's Farm.
Adjustment pixel Bullseye: Play the Horse Races game at the Fair with three of your friends.
Homeward Bound
Adjustment pixel Homeward Bound: Earn 5 stars on You'll Always Find your Way Back Home.
Get Down
Adjustment pixel Get Down: Earn 5 stars on Hoedown Throwdown.
Ordinary Star
Adjustment pixel Ordinary Star: Earn 5 stars on Just Like You.
Somebody's Perfect
Adjustment pixel Somebody's Perfect: Earn 5 stars on Nobody's Perfect.
Old Classic
Adjustment pixel Old Classic: Earn 5 stars on Old Blue Jeans.
Pump It Up
Adjustment pixel Pump It Up: Earn 5 stars on Pumpin Up The Party.
Rock On
Adjustment pixel Rock On: Earn 5 stars on Rock Star.
Bring The Party
Adjustment pixel Bring The Party: Earn 5 stars on We Got The Party.
Stand Tall
Adjustment pixel Stand Tall: Earn 5 stars on I Got Nerve.
Adjustment pixel Optimistic: Earn 5 stars on Life's What You Make It.
Simply Perfect
Adjustment pixel Simply Perfect: Get a "Perfect" on the keyboard mini-game for Nobody's Perfect.
Lost And Found
Adjustment pixel Lost And Found: Get a "Perfect" on the drums mini-game for You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home.
Old Favorite
Adjustment pixel Old Favorite: Get a "Perfect" on the drums mini-game for Old Blue Jeans.
Boom Boom Clap
Adjustment pixel Boom Boom Clap: Get a "Perfect" on the guitar mini-game for Hoedown Throwdown.
Adjustment pixel Rockin': Get a "Perfect" on the guitar mini-game for Rock Star.
Party On
Adjustment pixel Party On: Get a "Perfect" on the guitar mini-game for We Got The Party.
Make The Best Of It
Adjustment pixel Make The Best Of It: Get a "Perfect" on the keyboard mini-game for Life's What You Make It.
No Fear
Adjustment pixel No Fear: Get a "Perfect" on the singing mini-game for I Got Nerve.
Perfect Like You
Adjustment pixel Perfect Like You: Get a "Perfect" on the singing mini-game for Just Like You.
Party Starter
Adjustment pixel Party Starter: Get a "Perfect" on the singing mini-game for Pumpin Up The Party.
You'll Always Find Your Way
Adjustment pixel You'll Always Find Your Way: Unlock You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home.
Hoedown Throwdown
Adjustment pixel Hoedown Throwdown: Unlock Hoedown Throwdown.
I Got Nerve
Adjustment pixel I Got Nerve: Unlock I Got Nerve.
Just Like You
Adjustment pixel Just Like You: Unlock Just Like You.
Life's What You Make It
Adjustment pixel Life's What You Make It: Unlock Life's What You Make It.
Nobody's Perfect
Adjustment pixel Nobody's Perfect: Unlock Nobody's Perfect.
Old Blue Jeans
Adjustment pixel Old Blue Jeans: Unlock Old Blue Jeans.
Rock Star
Adjustment pixel Rock Star: Unlock Rock Star.
We Got The Party
Adjustment pixel We Got The Party: Unlock We Got the Party.
Pumpin Up The Party
Adjustment pixel Pumpin Up The Party: Unlock Pumpin Up The Party.