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Mantis Burn Racing PS4

Mantis Burn Racing

Mantis Burn Racing features a comprehensive career mode where every aspect of the players’ driving ability will be tested to the full, and with upgradable car elements and four player local split screen and eight player online multiplayer, there’s plenty of content to dive into.
Mantis Burn Racing is a Racing-game for the   developed by VooFoo Studios and published by VooFoo Studios.
  • US October 12, 2016
  • EU October 12, 2016
  • JP N/A
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MBR Master
MBR Master: Unlock all MBR trophies
First tweaks
First tweaks: Add an upgrade to any vehicle
Taking on the world
Taking on the world: Come 1st in 15 online events
Unplug their controller
Unplug their controller: Participate in a local multiplayer event
Fly Guy
Fly Guy: Spend longer than 5 minutes in total airborne
Photo finish
Photo finish: Win any Race event less than a second ahead of 2nd place
Cheating, surely?
Cheating, surely?: Drive through 3 different shortcuts
Geared Up
Geared Up: Win 150 gears in career mode
Heavy metal meets movable object
Heavy metal meets movable object: Destroy a reinforced structure
Around the block
Around the block: Visit all of Sand Town's and New Shangri-la's tracks
Feel the need..
Feel the need..: Reach 150mph in any vehicle
Making roads
Making roads: Reach XP level 15
Miles under the bonnet
Miles under the bonnet: Reach XP level 25
Journeyman: Reach XP level 50
Putting food on the table
Putting food on the table: Win a total of 150,000 in prize money
Punching above your weight
Punching above your weight: Beat an online opponent with an XP level of 15 or higher
The bigger they are..
The bigger they are..: Beat an online opponent with an XP level of 25 or higher
(Weekly) challenge accepted
(Weekly) challenge accepted: Compete in a weekly challenge
Progressing nicely
Progressing nicely: Complete Season 1 in career mode
Seasoned Pro
Seasoned Pro: Complete Season 2 in career mode
Driven: Complete Season 3 in career mode
No Claims
No Claims: Complete 3 consecutive events without smashing any trackside objects
Well that's embarassing
Well that's embarassing: Lap another vehicle in a race event
Garage space at a premium
Garage space at a premium: Own all Light, Middle and Heavyweight vehicles
Excursion through the scenery
Excursion through the scenery: Fall down 3 bottomless pits
Mixing it with the big boys
Mixing it with the big boys: Fully upgrade a Rookie Class vehicle
She's faster than she looks
She's faster than she looks: Fully upgrade a Pro Class vehicle
Master mechanic
Master mechanic: Fully upgrade a Veteran Class vehicle
MkII?  Fiesta!!
MkII? Fiesta!!: Level-up any vehicle to a Mk2
Racing at a higher level
Racing at a higher level: Level-up any vehicle to a Mk3
Airborne Division
Airborne Division: Achieve 'Awesome' Air
Forwards is so overrated
Forwards is so overrated: Achieve 'Awesome' Drift
Move up to the bumper
Move up to the bumper: Achieve 'Awesome' Draft
Wrecking the joint
Wrecking the joint: Achieve 'Awesome' Damage
Mixing it up
Mixing it up: Install at least 1 of each type of upgrade
Gears Galore!
Gears Galore!: Achieve a full 6 gears in 15 career events
I'll bring it back without a scratch
I'll bring it back without a scratch: Race online in a loaned vehicle
Dune Hopper
Dune Hopper: Travel a total of 50 miles in Lightweight vehicles
Just Cruisin'
Just Cruisin': Travel a total of 50 miles in Middleweight vehicles
Heavy Metal fan
Heavy Metal fan: Travel a total of 50 miles in Heavyweight vehicles
Leave them all behind
Leave them all behind: Overtake 5 vehicles in less than 30 seconds
You want to get in the boot?
You want to get in the boot?: Stay in a continuous draft for over 6 seconds
Make way, coming through!
Make way, coming through!: Win an Overtake event with zero contact with any other vehicle
Well that's a game changer
Well that's a game changer: Install a x2 upgrade
Battle Cars DLC
Obliterator: Destroy 3 vehicles in 10 seconds.
Great Kid, Don't Get Cocky
Great Kid, Don't Get Cocky: Destroy a vehicle whilst midair.
Kamikaze: Blow yourself and another vehicle up with one mine.
Conquerer: Obtain all Gears in the Battle Season 1 Career.
Attila the Hun
Attila the Hun: Destroy all vehicles in a full grid, in one event.
Not Even A Scratch
Not Even A Scratch: Win endurance race without blowing up.