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Moonlighter PS4


Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements that demonstrates two sides of the coin – revealing everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that secretly dreams of becoming a hero.
Moonlighter is a ActionRPG-game for the   developed by Digital Sun and published by 11 Bit Studio.
  • US May 29, 2018
  • EU May 29, 2018
  • JP N/A
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100%: Complete all achievements
Overthrow the King!
Overthrow the King!: Defeat the Golem King
Prune the Plant!
Prune the Plant!: Defeat Carnivorous Mutae
Behead the Snake!
Behead the Snake!: Defeat Naja
Unplug the Energy!
Unplug the Energy!: Defeat Energy Flux
Perfect Golem King
Perfect Golem King: Perfect Golem King
Perfect Carnivorous Mutae
Perfect Carnivorous Mutae: Perfect Carnivorous Mutae
Perfect Naja
Perfect Naja: Perfect Naja
Perfect Energy Flux
Perfect Energy Flux: Perfect Energy Flux
Archeologist: Read all Crazy Pete's notes
Gotta Go fast!
Gotta Go fast!: Beat the game in under 10 hours
Weapon Master
Weapon Master: Craft all weapons
Balanced Warrior
Balanced Warrior: Craft all short swords
Heavy Warrior
Heavy Warrior: Craft all big swords
Berserk Warrior
Berserk Warrior: Craft all gloves
Piercing Warrior
Piercing Warrior: Craft all spears
Distant Warrior
Distant Warrior: Craft all bows
Janitor: Kill all bosses with the broom (last hit)
Scribe: Complete the Notebook
Savage!: Kill a total of 10,000 enemies
Careful Merchant
Careful Merchant: Complete the game with under 40 deaths
Saver: Collect more than 5000 gold
Saver+: Collect more than 50,000 gold
Saver++: Collect more than 100,000 gold
Greedy: Collect more than 1,000,000 gold
First Investment
First Investment: Purchase the second shop upgrade
Expansion: Purchase the third shop upgrade
Luxury: Purchase the fourth shop upgrade
Emporium: Purchase the last shop upgrade
Rynoka's Major!
Rynoka's Major!: Buy all improvements on the Town Board
There Is No Avarice Without Penalty
There Is No Avarice Without Penalty: Die with your inventory full of items
Going for Supplies...
Going for Supplies...: Use the Emblem in the room before the boss room
Wasteful Merchant
Wasteful Merchant: Buy more than 10 items at Le Retailer
Golem Enthusiast
Golem Enthusiast: Arrive at the third floor of the Golem Dungeon 10 times
Forest Enthusiast
Forest Enthusiast: Arrive at the third floor of the Forest Dungeon 10 times
Desert Enthusiast
Desert Enthusiast: Arrive at the third floor of the Desert Dungeon 10 times
Tech Enthusiast
Tech Enthusiast: Arrive at the third floor of the Tech Dungeon 10 times
It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief
It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief: Earn money from the Banker 5 times
Decorative Mind
Decorative Mind: Buy all decorative items
Horde Mode
Horde Mode: Defeat three waves of enemies in a Wave Room
No Secrets
No Secrets: Find a secret room 10 times
Slime Protection Service
Slime Protection Service: Hit the Witch's slime 42 times
Does It Grow on Trees?!?
Does It Grow on Trees?!?: Get money from a tree
Really?!?: Earn money from trees 100 times
Healthcare System
Healthcare System: Take potions from breakables 20 times
Rage Against the Golems
Rage Against the Golems: Kill 1000 golem enemies
Rage Against the Forest
Rage Against the Forest: Kill 1000 forest enemies
Rage Against the Desert
Rage Against the Desert: Kill 1000 desert enemies
Rage Against the Machinery
Rage Against the Machinery: Kill 1000 tech enemies
Exterminator: Kill 100 bugs
Hero or Merchant?
Hero or Merchant?: Finish the game
Distracted Merchant
Distracted Merchant: Make 20 visitors abandon your shop
Evil Merchant
Evil Merchant: Sell 20 items slightly overpriced
Good Merchant
Good Merchant: Sell 20 items for the perfect price
Naive Merchant
Naive Merchant: Sell 40 items really cheap
Scammer: Receive 60 really expensive valuations
Special Place
Special Place: Arrive at Crazy Pete's Special Place