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Mortal Kombat 1 PS5

Mortal Kombat 1

Discover a reborn Mortal Kombat Universe created by Fire God Liu Kang. Mortal Kombat 1 ushers in a new era of the iconic franchise with a new fighting system, game modes, and Fatalities
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon

Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
  • 34 Trophy bronze icon
  • 15 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Adjustment pixel Kompletionist: Komplete All Trophies
Become A Ninja In No Time
Adjustment pixel Become A Ninja In No Time: Komplete The Basic Tutorial
Eye Of The TaiGore
Adjustment pixel Eye Of The TaiGore: Spend A Total Of 1 Hour In Practice
A New Timeline
Adjustment pixel A New Timeline: Komplete 50% Of Story Mode
What Just Happened??
Adjustment pixel What Just Happened??: Komplete 100% Of Story Mode
Who Was That???
Adjustment pixel Who Was That???: Komplete Chapter 15 Twice
Adjustment pixel Titan: Deal 10,000 Damage To Opponents
Beaten And Broken
Adjustment pixel Beaten And Broken: Spill 5,000 Pints Of Blood
It Has Begun!!!
Adjustment pixel It Has Begun!!!: Komplete Cage Mansion Tutorial
Adjustment pixel Kontender: Play 5 Kombat League Sets
Deadly Assassin
Adjustment pixel Deadly Assassin: Perform 20 Different Fatalities
Adjustment pixel Karnage: Perform 10 Different Brutalities
Adjustment pixel Annihilation: Perform 10 Different Kameo Fatalities
Making Friends Is Easy
Adjustment pixel Making Friends Is Easy: Use 10 Different Kameo Characters
Puppet Master
Adjustment pixel Puppet Master: Komplete A Klassic Tower With 5 Different Characters
Give A Koin
Adjustment pixel Give A Koin: Spend 10,000 Koins On The Shrine
Test Your Might
Adjustment pixel Test Your Might: Komplete 5 Unique Test Your Might Encounters
So I Just Kill Stuff??
Adjustment pixel So I Just Kill Stuff??: Komplete 5 Unique Encounters
Adventure Time
Adjustment pixel Adventure Time: Komplete 25 Unique Encounters
King Slayer
Adjustment pixel King Slayer: Dethrone A King
Buddy System
Adjustment pixel Buddy System: Komplete Mastery With 1 Kameo Character
Rollin' With My Krew
Adjustment pixel Rollin' With My Krew: Komplete Mastery With 5 Kameo Characters
Where's Blanche
Adjustment pixel Where's Blanche: Trade For An Item From An Outworld Shop
Take And Deny
Adjustment pixel Take And Deny: Trade For An Item From An Earthrealm Shop
Ultimate Power
Adjustment pixel Ultimate Power: Use A Talisman
Adjustment pixel Talis-Mania: Use A Talisman 10 Times
Running On Empty
Adjustment pixel Running On Empty: Recharge A Talisman
So Krafty
Adjustment pixel So Krafty: Forge A Talisman
Feeling Stronger
Adjustment pixel Feeling Stronger: Reach Invasions Level 5
Adjustment pixel Unstoppable: Reach Invasions Level 10
Adjustment pixel Juggernaut: Reach Invasions Level 20
Not So Big Now Are You??
Adjustment pixel Not So Big Now Are You??: Defeat A Mini Boss In Invasions
Who Da Boss??
Adjustment pixel Who Da Boss??: Defeat A Major Boss In Invasions
Adjustment pixel Vanquished: Defeat The Final Boss Of An Invasions Season
Always Accessorize
Adjustment pixel Always Accessorize: Equip A Relic
Adjustment pixel Kollector: Equip 3 Different Relics
The Mighty Have Fallen
Adjustment pixel The Mighty Have Fallen: Komplete A Titan Battle
Adjustment pixel ABACABB: Use A Key
Made It Out Alive
Adjustment pixel Made It Out Alive: Komplete A Survival Encounter
Make Way, I'm Koming Through
Adjustment pixel Make Way, I'm Koming Through: Klear An Obstruction In Invasions
Found You
Adjustment pixel Found You: Unlock A Secret Fight
Stop Hiding
Adjustment pixel Stop Hiding: Survive An Ambush
Quest Master
Adjustment pixel Quest Master: Komplete 3 Daily Quests
Working Overtime
Adjustment pixel Working Overtime: Komplete A Weekly Quest
High Score, Is That Good?
Adjustment pixel High Score, Is That Good?: Obtain A Total Score Of 5,000,000 In Gateway Towers
There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power
Adjustment pixel There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power: Use 10 Single Use Items
Happy Endings
Adjustment pixel Happy Endings: Unlock 10 Tower Endings
Big Spender
Adjustment pixel Big Spender: Spend 10,000 Seasonal Kurrency
Total Disrespect
Adjustment pixel Total Disrespect: Perform A Taunt Without Being Interrupted During An Online Match
Thank You For Being A Fan!!!
Adjustment pixel Thank You For Being A Fan!!!: Watch The Kredits
Witness Me!!!
Adjustment pixel Witness Me!!!: Change Your Kombat Kard Player Module
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