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Protocol PS4


By signing below, you agree to follow the Protocol. Protocol is a program of strict rules created to make first contact with an alien life form that got shot down in the Arctic Circle.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Fair Games Studio
Publisher: Fair Games Studio
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Adjustment pixel Perfect: Obtain all the Trophies
Repeat. Please
Adjustment pixel Repeat. Please: Use a hint for the first time
I don’t like being tense
Adjustment pixel I don’t like being tense: Use a hint 10 times.
Adjustment pixel Next: Use a hint 50 times.
Ah, nevermind
Adjustment pixel Ah, nevermind: Use a hint 100 times.
Adjustment pixel I.Z.: Violated the Protocol for the first time.
Have a nice day
Adjustment pixel Have a nice day: Find all the possible ways to violate the Protocol.
Adjustment pixel Impossible: No violations during the game.
Adjustment pixel Fired!: Death from the fire.
Fired! Again
Adjustment pixel Fired! Again: Death from suffocation.
Adjustment pixel 90%: Forgot to take a keycard in the capsule.
Need for speed
Adjustment pixel Need for speed: Rolled down a hill.
Against the system
Adjustment pixel Against the system: Threw a snowball.
Steel grind
Adjustment pixel Steel grind: Threw any object except a snowball.
Adjustment pixel 80%: Forgot a keycard in the lighting terminal.
This password belongs here
Adjustment pixel This password belongs here: Entered the iconic password in the first terminal.
Looking for the new thrills
Adjustment pixel Looking for the new thrills: Use all the drugs in the complex.
Shoot back
Adjustment pixel Shoot back: Throw any object back at the alien.
Tidy fella
Adjustment pixel Tidy fella: Threw soap at the alien when you first met it.
Fear and Loathing in Terminus Research Complex
Adjustment pixel Fear and Loathing in Terminus Research Complex: Vaccinate the alien.
Tea time
Adjustment pixel Tea time: Interrogated the alien using a teapot
Happy 3000 year!
Adjustment pixel Happy 3000 year!: Find a way to go into the far future.
Everybody loves this game
Adjustment pixel Everybody loves this game: Passed hacker's first mini-game.
Perfect training
Adjustment pixel Perfect training: Died during the training.
Ignoring the warnings
Adjustment pixel Ignoring the warnings: Ignored contactees' warning.
Party At The Horror House
Adjustment pixel Party At The Horror House: Found a screamer in chapter "Penetration".
Adjustment pixel Gunter: Found all the hidden Easter eggs during the "system configuration".
Souls experience 1
Adjustment pixel Souls experience 1: Defeated the first "boss" without damage.
Souls experience 2
Adjustment pixel Souls experience 2: Defeated the second "boss" without damage.
Souls experience 3
Adjustment pixel Souls experience 3: Defeated the third "boss" without damage.
Adjustment pixel Neo: Passed chapter "Penetration" without damage.
Do you have enough patience?
Adjustment pixel Do you have enough patience?: Defeated a drone projecting AI many times.
I see you like taking crazy risks.
Adjustment pixel I see you like taking crazy risks.: "Called" a combat drone.
Against the orders
Adjustment pixel Against the orders: Took a shortcut in the chapter "You have violated the Protocol".
The last Wilson's will
Adjustment pixel The last Wilson's will: Complied with Wilson's request.
Contacted FairGames
Adjustment pixel Contacted FairGames: Used the terminal's "chat".
Luck 10
Adjustment pixel Luck 10: Guessed the correct password from the Residential unit's door.
What was that?
Adjustment pixel What was that?: Administrated the "dubious" drug again.
Intelligence 1
Adjustment pixel Intelligence 1: Started the fire.
Dead end in evacuation
Adjustment pixel Dead end in evacuation: Found all dead ends in the Technical area.
A person of self-reliance
Adjustment pixel A person of self-reliance: Destroyed the complex.
Odd tastes
Adjustment pixel Odd tastes: Learned RAT-DG terminal's functionality.
Bureaucracy power
Adjustment pixel Bureaucracy power: Got ending 0.
Random Hero
Adjustment pixel Random Hero: Got ending 1.
You have fulfilled the Protocol
Adjustment pixel You have fulfilled the Protocol: Got ending 2.
Rat from the sinking ship
Adjustment pixel Rat from the sinking ship: Got ending 3.
Against all
Adjustment pixel Against all: Got ending 4.
In the name of humanity
Adjustment pixel In the name of humanity: Got ending 5.
Flesh is ONE
Adjustment pixel Flesh is ONE: Got ending 6.
Dubious ethics
Adjustment pixel Dubious ethics: Got ending 7.
Adjustment pixel Rogue: Fetched the hand in ending 3.
After the credits
Adjustment pixel After the credits: Saw the scene after the credits.
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