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Prototype 2 PS3

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 continues the shape-shifting, open-world action franchise, this time focusing on Sgt. James Heller and his mission to destroy Prototype's original anti-hero, Alex Mercer.
Prototype 2 is a Action, Third-Person-game for the   developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision.
  • US April 24, 2012
  • EU April 24, 2012
  • JP N/A
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Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy: Unlock all Trophies.
It's an Epidemic
It's an Epidemic: Complete MEET YOUR MAKER.
I Want Some More
I Want Some More: Complete RESURRECTION.
Religious Experience
Religious Experience: Meet Father Guerra.
This is a Knife
This is a Knife: Acquire a Prototype Power.
Project Closed
Project Closed: Complete a //BLACKNET operation.
The Mad Scientist
The Mad Scientist: Complete NATURAL SELECTION.
Something to Live For
Something to Live For: Complete FALL FROM GRACE.
What a Bitch
What a Bitch: Complete LABOR OF LOVE.
Murder your Maker?
Murder your Maker?: Complete the game.
Follow Your Nose
Follow Your Nose: Find all BlackBoxes.
Up to No Good
Up to No Good: Defeat all Field Ops teams.
Strike, You're Out.
Strike, You're Out.: Destroy a Strike Team in 15 seconds or less.
Compulsive Eater
Compulsive Eater: 5 consumes in 10 seconds or less.
Do the Evolution
Do the Evolution: Acquire 5 Mutations.
Just a Flesh Wound
Just a Flesh Wound: Dismember a Brawler.
All Together Now
All Together Now: 10 or more kills with a single Black Hole attack.
Back Atcha!
Back Atcha!: Deflect 5 missiles at enemies using Shield Block.
Two for the Price of One
Two for the Price of One: Simultaneously kill 2 Brawlers using a single Devastator.
Lair to Rest
Lair to Rest: Destroy a single Lair.
Hijack Be Nimble
Hijack Be Nimble: Stealth hijack 5 tanks or APCs.
Road Rage
Road Rage: Destroy 10 Blackwatch tanks, APCs or helicopters using a single hijacked tank or APC.
Who Watches the Watchers?
Who Watches the Watchers?: Consume 10 //BLACKNET targets.
Hard to Please
Hard to Please: Acquire a Mutation in each of the 5 categories.
The Floor is Lava
The Floor is Lava: Travel a half mile using only Wall Run, Glide, Jump and Air Dash.
Cannonball!: 20 or more kills with a single Hammerfist dive attack.
You're the Bomb
You're the Bomb: 10 or more kills using a single Bio-Bomb.
Sic 'em!
Sic 'em!: Destroy 5 helicopters using Pack Leader.
Over-Equipped: Weaponize 10 vehicles.
The Best Offense
The Best Offense: Counter enemy attacks 20 times using Shield.
Arcade Action
Arcade Action: Karate kick a helicopter.
I Caught a Big One!
I Caught a Big One!: Mount a helicopter using Whipfist.
Anger Management
Anger Management: Destroy 5 vehicles using a Finisher.
So Above It All
So Above It All: Spend at least 25 consecutive seconds in the air (helicopters don't count).
Vitamin B-rains
Vitamin B-rains: Acquire 10 upgrades through Consumes.
Eating Your Way to the Top
Eating Your Way to the Top: Acquire 30 upgrades through Consumes.
Finally Full
Finally Full: Acquire all 46 upgrades through Consumes.
Icarus: Reach the highest point in the world.
Spindler's Search
Spindler's Search: Destroy all Lairs.
//BLACKNET Hacker: Complete all //BLACKNET dossiers.
One by One
One by One: Stealth Consume 50 Blackwatch troopers.
Wanted Man
Wanted Man: Trigger 50 alerts.
All Growed Up
All Growed Up: Fully upgrade Heller.
Master Prototype
Master Prototype: Complete the game on HARD difficulty.