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The Walking Dead: Onslaught PS4

The Walking Dead: Onslaught

The official VR game of AMC’s The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead Onslaught turns you into a desperate survivor struggling against the relentless walker threat, while confronting both the horrors and humanity of this apocalyptic new world.
  • US September 29, 2020
  • EU September 29, 2020
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Survios
Publisher: Survios
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  • 40 Trophy bronze icon
  • 6 Trophy silver icon
  • 3 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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We Are The Walking Dead
Adjustment pixel We Are The Walking Dead: Earn all Trophies
Adjustment pixel Exordium: Finish the Prologue: "What Comes Before and After" on Any Difficulty
Adjustment pixel Adrift: Finish Chapter One: "Desperate Days" on Any Difficulty
The Lighthouse Beckons
Adjustment pixel The Lighthouse Beckons: Finish Chapter Two: "Strange Circumstances" on Any Difficulty
Stones Before the Shore
Adjustment pixel Stones Before the Shore: Finish Chapter Three: "The Rabbit Hole" on Any Difficulty
Echos of What's Gone
Adjustment pixel Echos of What's Gone: Finish Chapter Four: "Around the Bend" on Any Difficulty
Adjustment pixel Katabasis: Finish Chapter Five: "Roads Less Traveled" on Any Difficulty
Devils We Become
Adjustment pixel Devils We Become: Finish Chapter Six: "When Dust Settles" on Any Difficulty
The Only Peace in This World
Adjustment pixel The Only Peace in This World: Finish Chapter Seven: "The Promise" on Any Difficulty
Next Time, I'm Driving
Adjustment pixel Next Time, I'm Driving: Finish Chapter One: "Desperate Days" on Veteran Difficulty
A Pint At Winchester
Adjustment pixel A Pint At Winchester: Finish Chapter Two: "Strange Circumstances" on Veteran Difficulty
Parting the Dead Sea
Adjustment pixel Parting the Dead Sea: Finish Chapter Three: "The Rabbit Hole" on Veteran Difficulty
Skip the Block Party
Adjustment pixel Skip the Block Party: Finish Chapter Four: "Around the Bend" on Veteran Difficulty
So... Tetanus Shots?
Adjustment pixel So... Tetanus Shots?: Finish Chapter Five: "Roads Less Traveled" on Veteran Difficulty
A Great Place to Live!
Adjustment pixel A Great Place to Live!: Finish Chapter Six: "When Dust Settles" on Veteran Difficulty
No Perfect Plans
Adjustment pixel No Perfect Plans: Finish Chapter Seven: "The Promise" on Veteran Difficulty
Catching the Reruns
Adjustment pixel Catching the Reruns: Replay and Finish Any Chapter
Grabbing the Bull
Adjustment pixel Grabbing the Bull: Choke 30 Walkers
Survival Instinct(s)
Adjustment pixel Survival Instinct(s): Kill 5 Walkers With One Explosive Trap
Tainted Meat
Adjustment pixel Tainted Meat: Kill a Walker with Every Weapon in the Game
Kill Terrapins
Adjustment pixel Kill Terrapins: Kill an Armored Walker
Adjustment pixel Aichmophobia: Kill a Spike Walker
Those Who Arrive...
Adjustment pixel Those Who Arrive...: Complete a Scavenger Site
A Vast Ocean
Adjustment pixel A Vast Ocean: Unlock all Scavenger Sites
All the Stuff, All the Things
Adjustment pixel All the Stuff, All the Things: Find a Supply Cache in a Supply Run
Where's My Chicken Dinner?
Adjustment pixel Where's My Chicken Dinner?: In a Supply Run, get to the end without taking damage from the herd wall
Alexandria Ex-Incommunicado
Adjustment pixel Alexandria Ex-Incommunicado: Complete all of Rajul's Requisitions and Fully Upgrade the Town Hall
A Fully Stocked Pile
Adjustment pixel A Fully Stocked Pile: Complete all of Hazel's Requisitions and Fully Upgrade the Stockpile
What Goes Around...
Adjustment pixel What Goes Around...: Complete all of Nora's Requisitions and Fully Upgrade the Windmill
Hammer Meet Nail
Adjustment pixel Hammer Meet Nail: Complete all of Julia's Requisitions and Fully Upgrade the Forge
Well Earned Sick Day
Adjustment pixel Well Earned Sick Day: Complete all of Oliver's Requisitions and Fully Upgrade the Clinic
Live for Them
Adjustment pixel Live for Them: Complete all Requisitions
A Way Forward
Adjustment pixel A Way Forward: Construct the Town Hall in Alexandria
Find Peace
Adjustment pixel Find Peace: Construct all Buildings in Alexandria
Welcome to the Safe Zone
Adjustment pixel Welcome to the Safe Zone: Bring a New Survivor to Alexandria
Mercy for the Lost
Adjustment pixel Mercy for the Lost: Bring 10 New Survivors to Alexandria
Lil' Ass-Kicker
Adjustment pixel Lil' Ass-Kicker: Discover a New Weapon for the Armory
Adjustment pixel Claimed!: Discover all Weapons for the Armory
In Darkness
Adjustment pixel In Darkness: Upgrade a Weapon in the Armory
In Blood
Adjustment pixel In Blood: Fully Upgrade Any Weapon
World Keeps Spinning
Adjustment pixel World Keeps Spinning: Finish all Campaign Chapters on Any Difficulty
Working Through Your Issues
Adjustment pixel Working Through Your Issues: Kill 1,193 Walkers
Every Fine Grain
Adjustment pixel Every Fine Grain: Complete all Scavenger Sites
Walk with the Dead
Adjustment pixel Walk with the Dead: During Evac, Survive for 3 minutes after the Van Arrives
Worth Something
Adjustment pixel Worth Something: Fully Upgrade all Buildings in Alexandria
Vengeance for the Plunderers
Adjustment pixel Vengeance for the Plunderers: Reach Maximum Population (25) in Alexandria
Just Survive Somehow
Adjustment pixel Just Survive Somehow: Finish all Campaign Chapters on Veteran Difficulty.
A New Beginning
Adjustment pixel A New Beginning: Complete Alexandria by Gaining the Max Population, Building All Buildings, Upgrading All Buildings to Max Level, and Completing the Campaign.
Embrace All Death
Adjustment pixel Embrace All Death: Fully Upgrade All Weapons in the Armory
First One's Free
Adjustment pixel First One's Free: Finish the Tutorial