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Tiny Trax PS4

Tiny Trax

Tiny Trax brings the action to you with tiny cars skidding past your nose, jumping overhead and drifting around your feet. Childhood imagination comes to life as tiny racers boost around you, jump overhead and drift around bends inches from your face
Tiny Trax is a Racing, PlayStation VR-game for the   developed by Futurlab and published by Futurlab.
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Tiny Titan
Tiny Titan: Micro-hot-scale-machine-wheels-xtric
Taste for it...
Taste for it...: Earn a gold medal in a single race
Pro Racer
Pro Racer: Earn a gold cup
Face Warmer
Face Warmer: Peer through the loop de loop in the Molten Ruins single race
Freediver: Dunk your head underwater in the Shipwreck Island single race
Beachside Bounties
Beachside Bounties: Earn all gold medals in the Paradise Adventure single races
Frozen Fortunes
Frozen Fortunes: Earn all gold medals in the Frozen Forgeway single races
Trillion Treasures
Trillion Treasures: Earn all gold medals in the Galactic Odyssey single races
Home Straight
Home Straight: Unlock the All-Star cup
Dumb Thumb
Dumb Thumb: Oversteer and skid to a halt twice within 5 seconds
Ahoy Matey
Ahoy Matey: Complete the Pirate Bay single race in under 01:00.000
Baby Ruth Rush
Baby Ruth Rush: Complete the Treasure Cave single race in under 01:20.000
Cascade Corner Chase
Cascade Corner Chase: Complete the Paradise Falls single race in under 01:25.000
What Flies Beneath
What Flies Beneath: Complete the Shipwreck Island single race in under 01:25.000
Zooming Zen
Zooming Zen: Complete the Shattered Shelf single race in under 01:27.000
Lapped Around Your Little Finger
Lapped Around Your Little Finger: Complete the Glacial Grip single race in under 02:02.000
Rule With An Iron Thumb
Rule With An Iron Thumb: Complete the Devil's Anvil single race in under 02:02.000
A Face-Melting Lead
A Face-Melting Lead: Complete the Molten Ruins single race in under 01:44.000
Alien Race
Alien Race: Complete the Enigma Eden single race in under 02:05.000
One Cool Drift For Mankind
One Cool Drift For Mankind: Complete the Lunar Drill single race in under 02:42.000
Halcyon And On And On
Halcyon And On And On: Complete the Orbital Lift single race in under 01:52.000
Galaxy Highs
Galaxy Highs: Complete the Meteor Mall single race in under 02:13.000
Car Connoisseur
Car Connoisseur: Complete a race using each vehicle
Tiny Triumph
Tiny Triumph: Earn bronze cups in all cup races
Tiny Traveller
Tiny Traveller: Earn bronze medals in all single races
Elite Racer
Elite Racer: Earn a platinum cup
Conqueror: Earn gold medals in all single races
Pro Career
Pro Career: Earn gold in all cups
Slot-Surfer: Get a lap time under 00:17.000 in a Shipwreck Island single race
Slot-Skater: Get a lap time under 00:21.000 in a Molten Ruins single race
Slot-Slider: Get a lap time under 00:27.000 in a Meteor Mall single race
Tiny Treasures
Tiny Treasures: Earn platinum in all cups
Sunkissed Speeder
Sunkissed Speeder: Win the Paradise Adventure cup in under 05:05.000
Polar Position
Polar Position: Win the Frozen Foregeway cup in under 07:07.000
Space Jockey
Space Jockey: Win the Galactic Odyssey cup in under 08:46.000
Spice Of Life
Spice Of Life: Win the All-Star cup in under 10:57.000