Bit Dragon is bringing fast paced brawler Hyper Jam to PS4 complete with katanas and other means of destruction

Hyper Jam seems to be quite the hectic experience as you battle up to three other people in various arenas with an arsenal of weapons and the occasional speeding train that could happen to hit player 3.

It has a certain neon vibe to it, and it’s quite clear what decade it draws its inspiration from. Players are tasked with reaching a high score by maiming, surviving and generally being the best by shooting, hammering and setting players up for environmental hazards. Perks can be used to make life a tiny bit worse for everyone else. The game supports both local and online multiplayer, and cross-platform is mentioned although I don’t know if that includes PlayStation at the moment.

The game will be out on February 12, so you’re not that far away from some synthesizer heavy mayhem. Check out the game page for screenshots and more.

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