The Mass Effect trilogy is getting remastered with the Legendary Edition for PlayStation 4 and 5

Yet another contender for worst kept secret of the year, the three first Mass Effect games are all getting remastered and put together in the Legendary Edition headed for PlayStation 4 in spring 2021. This includes the foundation for a PlayStation 5 version further down the road that will reap the benefits of the next-gen console releasing next week.

The three games will include all single player content, all DLC as well as promotional weapons and the multitude of packs previously released alongside the games. Textures, effects, shaders and game models are all getting dressed up again and will be playable in 4K. Should sound and look good.

N7 is all about the cool news though, and they also announced that a veteran team of developers are working on the next big thing in the Mass Effect universe, so that’s exciting despite probably being many years away.

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