Firewalk Studios and PlayStation partner up for a new AAA multiplayer IP

If you ever thought that bringing people with expertise from games like Destiny, Mass Effect and Apex Legends together to create a brand new multiplayer game was a good idea, I think you’re onto something. And that’s just what’s happening with Firewalk Studios.

Created in 2018, the studio consist of people with experience from the aforementioned games as well as Bioshock Infinite and Guitar Hero II, and they have partnered up with SIE to bring us a shiny new multiplayer title that they are totally hyped about. Based on initial internet reactions, that hype is highly contagious.

We don’t know a lot about the title, in fact this is all we know, but it’s already been in development for a couple of years so let’s cross our fingers for a gameplay reveal in a not entirely distant future.

Check out the complete blog post here.

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