Media Molecule’s Dreams hits early access this spring

The beta for Dreams revealed what we already guessed – that there are creative geniuses out there that knows how to twist and turn every knob in each and every tool set that Media Molecule puts in their creative games. We saw that with LittleBigPlanet, and we’re seeing it again with Dreams. From the most basic of platformers and arcade shooters to a mighty impressive work in progress of Dead Space, there is bound to be something for everyone in Dreams.

Dreams will be hitting early access this spring. It feels weird typing it because PlayStation doesn’t really have an early access program, but here we are anyway. This version of Dreams will come packed with all the tools, tutorials and assets made so far by MM, with more coming soon. As the concept implies, it is early access, stuff will be missing. If you took part in the beta however, your creations will remain and you can go straight back to work on your masterpiece.

There is no specific date yet, but it will launch in early access this spring for €29.99/$29.99 (US)/$39.99 (Canada).

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